English teaching kindergarten
Accredited by the Ministry of Education
Extra services
Afterschool and Non-formal education
Tradition, history & experience
Our first students graduated in 1983
Pediatrician, food and fire safety authorizations


All courses take place in English, enriching the Romanian preschool curriculum with elements from the American and Canadian curriculums.


Besides Romanian students, Englishkinder has successfully integrated and educated children of various nationalities who have successfully graduated our preschool.


Our main offer can be extended for each child with various courses and sport classes (foreign languages, music, personal development, swimming, tennis etc.)
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Winter holiday activities

Why us?

  • Our team

    Each class is lead by at least one qualified preschool teacher and an assistant. Englishkinder also offers medical and psychological counselling and assures cleaning, catering and permanent safety on the premises.
  • Safety

    Englishkinder offers high quality legal standards for food safety, fire protection, health safety and security. All partners and relevant institutions offer public and transparent information about our standards.
  • More than education

    After more 30 years of activity, Englishkinder offers a knowledge-based vision for its students, merged with non-formal methods for education. The preschool and the afterschool evolve adaptively, to meet constant changing requirements.
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